Alec Chan, Chairman's Council Member

World Financial Group (WFG) - Alec ChanAlec Chan attributes his success in World Financial Group to his passion for helping others and the friendships he has built with his teammates and other WFG associates. Starting as a part-time associate with the company, Chan quickly learned that a career in financial services and, in particular with WFG, was far more rewarding then his career as an engineer. "WFG has provided me with the opportunity to achieve my dreams - personal satisfaction from helping others and financial peace of mind," Chan says.

Originally from Hong Kong, Alec worked as an engineer for 16 years with an electronics company. While working there, he moved to the Philippines before finally settling in the United States. He has also has had several electronic inventions that are U.S.-patented. Over the years he has re-invented himself as a strong field leader, heading a dynamic WFG organization based out of San Gabriel, Calif.

Judy Hsiao, Chairman's Council Member

World Financial Group (WFG) - Judy HsiaoExecutive Vice Chairman (EVC) Judy Hsiao considers her current position with the company as a new starting point for her career with World Financial Group (WFG). Judy, who had experience in the insurance business prior to becoming a WFG associate, saw the business opportunity as a way to build own financial services business and help make a difference for families. Through her success in WFG, she began fulfilling a lifelong dream of building schools in China, the first of which was named after her mother, Tszyun, who was a teacher. Judy currently works with clients and associates in Alviso, Calif.

Jeff Levitan, Chairman's Council Member

World Financial Group (WFG) - Jeff LevitanJeff Levitan came to the company several years ago, but quickly made his mark. He achieved the CEO Marketing Director level in a short time, and has steadily achieved promotions over the last few years, culminating at his current position of EVC. He says that his career with WFG has helped him find wisdom, wealth, happiness and fulfillment for him and his family. With his success, Jeff decided to give back to the world and is the president and founder of All for OneTM, a charitable foundation dedicated to deterring poverty changing the lives of children around the world by improving social conditions. Jeff's WFG office is just outside of Atlanta, Ga.

Tom Mathews, Chairman's Council Member

World Financial Group (WFG) - Tom MathewsEVC Tom Mathews is known as having one of the most high-tech offices in World Financial Group. Since becoming an associate with the company, Tom has shared his technological know-how with other WFG associates to help move their businesses forward. Raised in a family of accountants, Tom was a natural for the financial services industry. But through WFG, Tom has found a way to align his accounting knowledge and financial services expertise with an energizing group of leaders and a unique distribution system. Tom's office is located in Johns Creek, Ga.

Carl Meldrum, Chairman's Council Member

World Financial Group (WFG) - Carl MeldrumAfter Carl Meldrum's mother passed away when he was young boy, Carl went to live with his father, who struggled to find steady work to care for his family. Growing up in a household that struggled with finances, and realizing this was not how he wanted to live the rest of his life, drove Carl to succeed. He has done so at World Financial Group. Within eight months of becoming an associate, Carl earned his WFG $100,000 ring, and then two years later he achieve his first executive level promotion to CEO MD and today he is an Executive Vice Chairman with WFG. Carl continues to help families and individuals develop strategies to achieve a sound financial foundation in Nanaimo, British Columbia.

Norm Meldrum, Chairman's Council Member

World Financial Group (WFG) - Norm MeldrumNorm Meldrum, from Calgary, Alberta, had a career in retail before becoming an associate with World Financial Group. He noted that while the retail business was rewarding, it did not allow him the proper time to enjoy his family. Through a chance meeting with WFG EVC Carl Meldrum, who is no relation to Norm, he was introduced to the WFG opportunity and put his retail experience to good use. Within three years of joining, he became a CEO MD, two years later he became a Field Vice Chairman, and now he is at the pinnacle WFG promotion level, Executive Vice Chairman, Through his business, Norm can spend quality time with his family as he chooses, and he can help people achieve their dreams as well.

Andy Nguyen, Chairman's Council Member

World Financial Group (WFG) - Andy NguyenEVC Andy Nguyen responds definitively to the question: What do you find inspiring about WFG? His answer is threefold: the freedom to build his own business, an ownership program that helps him build a legacy and a great compensation plan that rewards his, and his team's, hard work. He came to WFG from a software engineering and management career, starting his business out of his home. Thanks to the support of his wife and business partner, Lynn, Andy found the means to build a successful organization that has helped many clients and associates become achieve their dreams. Based out of Rockville, Md., Andy is a member of the WFG Millionaire's Hall of Fame.

Penney Ooi, Chairman's Council Member

World Financial Group (WFG) - Penney OoiSince she was a little girl growing up Malaysia, WFG EVC Penney Ooi has been interested in learning about money. She came to the United States for college, and majored in finance so she could learn how to manage and preserve wealth. Starting as a loan office for a mortgage company, Penney had a difficulties saving money on her salary, so she looked to WFG. Now with more than 15 years experience in the financial services industry, Penney's hard work continues to pay off, as she educates individuals and families, from her successful World Financial Group business based in Pleasanton, Calif., on how they can have solid financial futures.

Bryce Peterson, Chairman's Council Member

World Financial Group (WFG) - Bryce PetersonWFG Executive Vice Chairman Bryce Peterson is a seasoned financial services veteran with more than 35 years in the business. Born and raised in central Utah, Bryce's parents taught him that a good work ethic - one that makes work both fun and rewarding - which he applies to his WFG business. Bryce enjoys helping people who are looking for a new career through the WFG opportunity, and appreciates that his clients can benefit from the company's products and services. Now working from South Jordan, Utah, he shares his commitment to the WFG mission with his team every moment of every day.